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Extensive 3Steps vCard Merge Software

vCard Merger Software is the vast tool to merge several vCard contacts into single vCard contact!

3Steps vCard Merger Software is a standalone utility tool to merge multiple vCard contacts to single vCard. If your all business contacts stored in multiple .vcf file and you want to merge vCard contacts into a single vCard files. So, you can easily get our perfect 3Steps vCard merger tool to merge multiple contacts in a single .vcf file. This merging of vCard files into one single file will save your time and energy that had been wasted in managing numerous vcf files. vCard combine software provides quick solution at just 3Steps. Try and get simple & sensitive solution to merge VCF file.

If you have multiple .vcf files then you can effortlessly merge multiple vCard files into a single vcf file and you can successfully import this vcf file into Outlook, Lotus Notes, Outlook Express/Windows Mail, Thunderbird, Apple Address Book, Windows Address Book. IPhone, IPod, Blackberry, Palm etc in a short period of time. So, you can simply download 3Steps vCard Merge Software by visit our website.

vCard Merge Software to Merge VCF Files!

How to Merge vCard Files? Here is the most excellent useful tool – 3Steps vCard Merge Tool. This vCard merger software and vCard merger utility that will help you to combine vcf files into one vcf file. While performing its functions, it will not delete any file or damage any of your vCard data at all. Your original data of vCard will remain as it is.

Some advance features of the vCard Merger Software are:

  • Merge any version of vCard files.
  • Merge multiple vCard files to individual vCard files without Outlook installed.
  • Preserve contacts properties like: First name, last name, email address, phone no, mobile no, images, website etc.
  • Compatible with all Windows versions: 98, 2000, 2002 (XP), 2003, Vista and Win 7 (32 & 64 bit).

FREE 3Steps vCard File Merger Software (Demo Version)!

Yes! We provide you FREE Demo version of the software. This version will show you the preview of the merged files absolutely FREE of cost. See, judge and only then buy our vCard merger software. Download Free – vCard merge software by 3Steps. Note: - Demo version will merge only first 5 items of all vcf files. This Free vCard merge process demo is an enormous tool for checking merge of vCard files.